Our Products

PaprieX produces a diverse suite of products tailored to meet the exacting standards of our customers.

Below are just a few examples of the exceptional solutions we offer.


PaprieX offers customized Paprika and Capsicum oleoresins, tailored to meet individual customer specifications for colour, heat, solubility, and stability.

Paprika oleoresins enhance both colour and flavour in food products, while the de-flavoured variant is ideal for adding colour to food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Capsicum oleoresin adds heat and flavour to food items, with higher SHU variants utilized in pepper spray formulations.


We manufacture a variety of spice powders and crushes, the largest of which are paprika, cayenne and chilli powders.

Raw materials are sourced directly from our farmers, dried then ground or crushed. Final products are sterilized according to customer requirements. Depending on contract volumes, we can manufacture to a client’s specific powder colour and/or heat requirements.

Other Products

PaprieX specializes in distributing a diverse range of specialty food ingredients sourced from our extensive farming network in Southern Africa. Our offerings encompass unique plant, vegetable, and fruit products grown across the continent, such as cherry peppers, frozen blueberries, processed avocado items, and whole bird’s eye chilli.

With our suppliers, we meticulously manage the production and packaging of goods to meet client specifications, typically facilitating shipment on an agency basis FOB port.